Manufacturing Services

At Function7, our manufacturing philosophy is to be as vertically integrated as possible, in-house. Utilizing the latest manufacturing technologies, machinery, and automation, we are able to deliver precision machined components while allowing flexibility and the maximum control at every step of the manufacturing process.

Through our expertise in high-precision, high-speed machining and just-in-time methodologies, we provide the best value to your custom manufacturing project from start to end, or any stage in-between.

Our strategic alliances with our raw-material suppliers and post processing services allow us to further integrate our supply chain to maximize value for our customers.

For examples of our work, please refer to our Products section.

Our Capabilities

  • Multi-axis high-speed CNC precision milling
  • Advanced multi-axis CNC turn-milling
  • Detailed engineering analysis (pre and post manufacturing)
  • Automation and supply-chain integration for products