F7DC5LCA-SP - Function7 Acura RSX Billet Lower Control Arms with Spherical Bearings

Function7 Ultralight Lower Control Arms with Sphericl Bearings


02-06 Acura RSX
02+ Honda Integra (DC5 chassis)
02-06 Honda CR-V
03+ Honda Element

Designed for the extremes of racing use, all of our lower control arms are precision machined out of 7075 aluminum for maximum strength and then treated for corrosion resistance.


Every arm is tracked in every step of the manufacturing process, and each arm is individually serialized and barcoded for quality assurance.


  • Aerospace-grade, oversized teflon-lined spherical bearings
  • Aluminum CNC bushing inserts prevents rust related issues found on stock bushings.
  • Modular design allows individual component replacement and makes bushing rebuilds simple.
  • Stainless steel aerospace-grade bearing retainers.
  • Full 360-degree bearing retainer spreads the bearing load evenly and eiiminates play.
  • Full width bushing journals for maximum strength & reliability under the most extreme conditions.
  • Micro-engraving ensures that the product is a genuine Function7 product.
  • Each arm is individually serialized & bar coded for quality control and trackability