Function7 Product Verifier

At Function7, we continually make small revisions to our products to improve their performance, while also helping to protect our customers.

Starting mid-June 2014, we have improved our serial number system to include an online-verifiable system. As always, every item we make has a unique serial number, this time around, we are using a double code with 12 digits so you can use the number to verify the authenticity of the product right here. The engraved serial number should look like this:

Check Your Function7 Serial Number

Enter the 8-digit Serial Number

Enter the 4-digit code on the product.

Checking Older Function7 Products

For products manufactured before mid June 2014, you can identify if it is a counterfeit by looking for the following features found only on genuine Function7 Products

  • Look for the Function7 inspection barcode tag. This is a vinyl (i.e. plastic) label that is applied on the top edge of the product. This label is completely weather-proof, and attached by a very strong adhesive. The label does not "come off" unless it is deliberately peeled off.
  • Look for the engraved serial number on the product. The engraving should resemble the image above but with 8 digits instead of 12. Every item we make has a unique serial number on it, so if you have a pair of "Function7" arms with identical serial numbers, it is definitely a counterfeit.

If you are unable to verify these features, it is likely that you have a counterfeit Function7 product. We do not offer any warranty coverage, product support, or replacement parts on counterfeit items.


Known counterfeit serial numbers

The following "serial numbers" are marked on counterfeit Function7 parts. The counterfeits all bear the same serial number, so except for the first genuine piece that the number was copied off, any products bearing these numbers are fake.

  • 24100284 (found on lower control arms)
  • 23100301 (found on lower control arms)
  • 24101276 (found on lower control arms)
  • 16100277 (found on brace)
  • 16100336 (found on brace)
  • 17100503 (found on brace)